Dayal “Bassie Dee” Cadien releases new album “What is Going On”


Bass player extraordinaire, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dayal “Bassie Dee” Cadien has released his latest project, a 12-track album titled, What is Going On.
Known primarily as a musician, it is no wonder, therefore, that the album features two instrumental songs, tracks 11 and 12, Aseniah’s Groove, and Bassiedee’s Groove.
The album also features a guest appearance by Nigerian rapper Ovis Tee, who is featured on the track, We Need More Love, which was released previously as a single.

The title track from the reggae album, What is Going On, speaks to life, asking that all-important question that we all need to answer in today’s tumultuous world –  what, really, is going on?  The song begins…….

We spend a lifetime trying to get it right; Seems all we do is argue, fuss and fight
When will we ever come together; And join hands and hearts to make a brand new start
So tell me what is going on, Cause we got to move along….”

The album is being distributed by DistroKid and is available on several music platforms.

Tracks on Bassie Dee’s What is Going On:

1. Roots Jamaican Vibe; 2. What is Going On; 3. I’ve Got Love For You Baby; 4. Joy And Happiness; 5. Spread it Around;
6. Trying Man; 7. We Need More Love (feat Ovis Tee – Nigeria); 8. The Groove; 9. Street People; 10. I’m Pushing On
11. Aseniah’s Groove (Instrumental); 12. Bassiedee’s Lament (Instrumental)

Album Credits
• Produced by Dayal Cadien for Bassiedee Muzik; • Recorded at Inna Di Room Studio, BPM Studio, Runaway Bay and Studio 100, Portmore; • Recorded by Dayal Cadien, Wilburn Cole, AK Cole, and Wayne Holness;• Mixed by Dayal Cadien and Wayne Holness; • Mastered at BPM Studios by Wayne Holness; • Dayal Cadien – lead and background vox, Bass, all instruments; • Saran Cadien – background vox’ • Ovis Tee – Rap on We Need More Love; • Special Thanks to Sean Diedrick – Keys, Courtney Diedrick & Wilburn Squidly Cole – Live drums; Robert Anderson – Lead guitar; Damon Riley – Sax; Billy Lawrence –Percussion; Keith Powell – Guitar & Keys;  Theodore Bernard – Keys
• Livicated to Robert and Aseniah Cadien.
To God be the Glory


About Dayal “Bassie Dee” Cadien
“Dayal “BassieDee” Cadien, is steadily gaining worldwide recognition as a Reggae / Smooth Jazz / R&B and Soul vocalist & musician.
“Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, his love for music developed early in life. As a child, he taught himself to play the melodica, also known as the “blow-organ.” He later went on to discover his love for the bass guitar which he has ultimately mastered and has since been sharing his talent with many throughout Jamaica as a member of several bands. His name he says comes from his love of bass.
“After leaving York Castle High School, he formed his first band “Vibez Band” with a few friends. The group played extensively at various concerts, stage shows and resort hotels on the North Coast. The band eventually broke apart as members found new interests.
“BassieDee is accredited with producing Nyron “Ras Fikre” Henry the poet, vocalists Dennis Malcolm and Nathan Hinds. In 1997, The Jamaica Federation of Musicians awarded him for long service as well as best instrumentalist. He has played bass for some of Jamaica’s top cabaret performers.
“He also played a few tracks in Justin Hind’s 1992 album “Know Jah Better.” As a musician, BassieDee continues to play the bass guitar on Jamaica’s North Coast at Jewel Runaway Bay, formerly Breezes Runaway Bay Hotel as a member of the Interactive Roots Band six nights per week.
“Over the last year, he has been developing his skills as a songwriter and recording artist. Having been inspired by the music of Bob Marley and The Wailers, Dennis Brown, Steel Pulse, Third World, Aston “Familyman” Barett, Robbie Shakespear, etc; his music reflects these influences and more.

“In December 2011, his single “I’ve Got Love For You Baby” was voted in the Top 5 on Global Linkz Radio New Artist Top 10 where it held the #2 position for 4 consecutive weeks and the # 3 position for seven weeks. He scored another hit when in March 2012 his single “I’m Pushing On” rocketed to the # 1 position on the said chart for 4 weeks ending at # 3 in April 2012. Since then, his pre-release singles have been getting a lot of international airplay on various radio stations.”

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