Kenny Bling sings about real life situation in Mi Chargie

Kenny Bling sings about real life situation in Mi Chargie

On the rise dancehall artiste Kenniel Brown, aka, Kenny Bling, has vowed to make his mark on the local music industry and Mi Chargie, released in the summer, looks set to make the singjay’s promise a reality.

Produced by his own, AfarMusic Group on the infectious Level Up rhythm, Mi Chargie is proving to be the perfect remedy for dancehall’s hungry fans.

The song can best be described as “a reality tune that couldn’t be any more real” as it tells the true-to-life experience of the singer/songwriter and its themes of friendship and loyalty are two which many can closely identify with and have not hesitated to embrace.

“I am singing about my real life, the friends around me and how we live,” Kenny explains. “Genio, one of the names mentioned in the song is a real person, a loyal friend from a long time.”

The single has been enjoying a high level of rotation is far away places such as Russia, countries in Europe, the United States and right here in Jamaica.

Kenny credits his father, veteran DJ Oneil “Skully” Brown, with instilling in him the passion for music.


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Kenny Bling

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