Lady Valy’s Dream goes Beyond 2020

Lady Valy’s Dream goes Beyond 2020

Artiste, karate champion and mother of three, Valentyna Zolotarova, returns to international martial arts competition to pursue her 2020 Olympic dream.

Born in Ukraine and raised in Canada, Zolotarova has recorded several reggae and dancehall tracks over the years and has mastered the Jamaican accent on record.

You may remember her by the name Lady Valy on CVM at Sunrise, Pree Dis, RJR or HITZ 92FM where she performed her reggae song Mama when she came to Jamaica several years ago.

Despite the promise being shown regarding her music career, Lady Valy is not giving up on her dream of participating at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan and is currently focused on realising that dream, even while pushing forward with the music.

Recently, Lady Valy released her latest track, Destiny, along with the music video, where she makes a transformation from artiste to athlete. The video is a blend of her passion for music with exciting action shots of her current focus and beloved sport since age six, karate.

In preparation for the upcoming qualification events beginning in 2018, Lady Valy won a bronze at the US Open in Las Vegas in March, a gold at the Canada Open in Vancouver in June and a gold in September at the prestigious 18th Euro Gran Prix Pilsen Open in Czech Republic.

Following Lady Valy’s example, her five-year-old son Valentino won two gold medals at the West Coast Open in Seattle, USA just last month. Her seven-year-old son Rasandre won two silver medals at this event as well, while three-year- old Andrew declared that he will one day become the Usain Bolt of Karate.

“My dream goes to 2020 and beyond,” says Lady Valy. “Most importantly, the journey affords me the opportunity to show my children what it takes to fight for your dreams.”

With several tracks such as Haffi Come Back, Our Love and Diamond Eyes, Lady Valy’s musical dreams seem to be already coming true and as the saying goes, one success leads to another.
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