Naveesh pleased with response to Speak When Spoken To


In entertainment, Trelawny doesn’t have a lot of stars. In fact, Charly Black is the only name that readily springs to mind when one tries to count the popular entertainers that have emerged from that parish.
But there is hope on the horizon that that may soon change, thanks to the Party Animal singer himself.
Black has recently released his Believers rhythm and one of the highlights is the track, Speak When Spoken To, by the singjay Naveesh, who hails from Trelawny’s capital town of Falmouth.
Naveesh, real name Sean Blair, is pleased with the response to his song which has broken new grounds for him.
“The single a change mi life, it go viral in less than two weeks,” says Naveesh. “I’m getting a great buzz from all over the world. I’ve been sending out video clips over the past few weeks, is the fastest response to any ah mi song dem.”
His previous track, 2015’s Hot Fire Coal, was an underground hit in western Jamaica, he explained, so too was his 2017 release Outstanding.
The former William Knibb Memorial High School student actually transitioned from the choir at the Falmouth New Testament Church of God choir into popular music.
Naveesh grew up fashioning his vocal qualities off the late reggae star Dennis Brown. He has also drawn inspiration from dancehall star Beenie Man and admits to learning a lot from his producer Charly Black.
“I just want to say to my fans, thanks for the support. The journey has just started and I’m all about doing the right thing, keeping it positive,” says Naveesh.

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