New management, new direction for Symatic – Dancehall singjay focuses on reggae-pop single, Wanna Love, for international breakthrough

By 1962Entertainment Writer

With a new track, Wanna Love, set for release within weeks, dancehall singjay, Symatic, is set to return from his hiatus with a bang.
Now a part of the management and production company, Madstorm Records, based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Symatic is hoping that the reggae-pop single will please his fans, even as it should surprise them.
“My fans can expect greatness and expect a surprise because the majority of the people don’t know I can sing like this, so I’m going to give them an element of surprise,” Symatic said. Symatic rose to prominence after winning the Magnum King of the Dancehall title in May 2017 and enjoyed some amount of popularity that came with it. But since then he has been largely absent from the music scene in terms of airplay, leaving fans to question his musical direction.

Over in Boston, Madstorm boss, Edgiton Farquharon, who had previously worked with reggae stars such as Beenie Man, DaVille, Pap San, Tarrus Riley among others, heard Symatic’s distinctive voice and started paying attention. After doing his research on the singer, Farquharson was convinced he could take him to the right place, internationally.
“He’s on the verge,” Farquharson noted. “We researched him and we looked at his numbers and we see that his numbers are still climbing, even after 2017 his numbers still climbing today.”

“When you listen to his voice, he is reggae, he also could be dancehall if he wants to be but his voice is what drives the venue that he actually goes to and it (his voice) is saying reggae-R&B,” Farquharson explained.
“We’re trying to make sure that the artiste that we work with, if they think they’re a dancehall (artiste) and we hear something totally different in their voice then that’s what we’re going to tell them. For Wanna Love, we can actually put this in the reggae-pop genre.”
“This record here, this is going to be Symatic’s defining role in the music fraternity. This is gonna take him to the next level that he needs to be.”  



Symatic said when he wrote the song, which is based on a real life situation, he was hoping for a feel like what Farquharson has brought to it. He said he is happy that Madstorm believes in his talent.
“It feels great to have a team that believes in the progress. Right now we’re going to multiply what we have and go forward,” said the singer.
Farquharson brought in talented producer Bobby Digital to work on the production, with the collaboration set to work on four more tracks for the singer.
The video for Wanna Love was recently shot in St Ann and featured Colombian beauty, Mayte Pyternina Reyes who acts as Symatic’s love interest in the video. The video was shot by Bruce Parker Russell, aka, Jonakah.

(Photos by 1962Entertainment) Scenes from the video shoot for Symatic’s latest single, Wanna Love, which took place in St Ann, Jamaica. These photos, taken during a shooting at Chukka Cove Villas, feature Mayte Reyes and Symatic, being shot by Jonakah. Madstorm boss Edgiton Farquharson is also seen here.

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