Ocho Rios Selector Mixmaster Ovadose on a New Level

Ocho Rios Selector Mixmaster Ovadose on a New Level

An eye-opening tour of Europe in 2015 may have been the catalyst for Ocho Rios selector Mixmaster Ovadose, to lift his career to a new level, as, according to him, he is now rated among Jamaica’s top three selectors.

Over two years after that ground-breaking trip, Mixamaster Ovadose sees his diary overflowing with bookings and according to him 2018 will be even better.

“This year is a new level, more advance, more increase in terms of the promoters seeing the truth an’ a seh, Ovadose, a him a di selecta fi 2018!” says Ovadose.

He added: “Yuh have whole heap a hot selecta out deh but Ovadose hot like fire! If yuh have a top three, Ovadose inna di top three an’ mi naw talk jus’ mi home town (Ocho Rios), mi a talk Jamaica.”

Ovadose puts his upward movement down to “hard, hard, hard work and dedication,” as he plays music everyday, either at a show or at home practicing.

Emphasizing that he is feeling blessed, Ovadose says he has come a far way from being an unknown selector, starting out in 2009, to where he is right now. And the journey isn’t over. During 2017, Mixmaster Ovadose has played at several venues in Jamaica, including shows in Portland, St Mary, St Ann, Trelawny and Kingston. Soak, Igloo and his own show, Detention, are some of the calendar events where fans, who have grown to love his style of juggling and mixing and the comedic input during his performances, can look forward to seeing Mixmaster Ovadose in Ocho RIos.

“The world can just look out fi Mixmaster Ovadose in 2018 with some different style. New level as mi seh, an’ a just pure good music, loudness, a pure trouble,” says the selector. Ovadose is part of Team Mix ‘N’ Believe which also comprises DJ Jah Hype, DJ Oxygen, Convict and Flex.

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