Safira Mono drops new album ‘Just A Woman’

Rising reggae singer Safira Mono has just released her debut album, the 19-track Just A Woman, which features the single ‘I Pray For You,’ a collaboration with Morgan Heritage.
Mikey General, Junior C and Dactah Chando are also featured on the album.
Just A Woman includes singles that have brought the singer lots of attention in Jamaica, namely Monitor, Cruff Life and Do It Jah and is available on iTunes.
The package includes an eight-page booklet in which Safira speaks to the inspiration that brought about each song.
“The album is one of self awareness, it will educate listeners about our history, it speaks of universal love, there is message for the youth, it will uplift the broken, the depressed, the unfulfilled and the sick,” Safira is quoted as saying.

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