Everton Dawkins’ “Single Parents” play brings message, funds to schools


Everton Dawkins’ real life inspirational comedy, Single Parents, is serving up a positive message to students while helping schools to raise funds to help with their operations. 

Schools such as Jamaica College, Edwin Allen, St Elizabeth Technical and St Mary High, have collaborated with Dawkins’ Dynamite Productions to stage the play and raise funds.
And students and teachers alike are grasping the message that Dawkins delivers through the play.
The story focuses on two single parents, Miss Brenda, with her son Oneil, and Mass James, with his daughter Olive, who share common space but have their own different styles of raising their children.
Apart from sharing a tenement yard, both teens also share school but James doesn’t want his daughter to have anything to do with Oneil, even though he often helps her with her schoolwork. But he is quite facilitating when the ‘Don,’ who has an eye for Olive, comes around.
The father doesn’t hesitate to take whatever opportunity he can to earn money through his daughter but he feels that Oneil is getting in the way. The plot thickens when the Don realises Oneil is a real threat to his plans and conspires with James to get rid of him.
Then in comes the fearless Bubbles, Olive’s best friend and real “Ghetto Gyal.” She is not afraid of anyone including James who has no love for her whatsoever and when the two clash verbally, audiences are left in stitches.
Single Parents tackles real issues of parenting including conflicts, struggles of parents and children alike while providing non-stop laughter.
The roller coaster ride ending is charged with emotion and life lessons. Audiences have said this play is truly entertaining and the messages are clear.
Single Parents stars Juliet Shank as Miss Brenda, Jerry Brenzwick as Mass James, Kenroy Rowe as Oneil, Tanice Ellis as Olive, Kirk Codner as Mr Biggs, Natasha Williams as Bubbles and Latoya Folkes as the teacher.

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