Are LED Writing Boards Taking Over?

LED Writing Board

They are colourful and trendy, adding spice to what have been, up to now, extremely dull looking notice boards and menu boards.
LED writing boards, used as menu boards, are enabling restaurants to draw people closer and eventually turning them into customers.
LED writing boards, used as notice boards, are making people stop and take stock of what is written on them.
Parents say using the LED writing board at home to teach the kids to write (and to read!) has never been so effective and so fun-filled.
So, are LED writing board taking over? That is, from the plain white or black board?
One business woman and single parent who wishes not to be identified, believes it’s LED board time!
“I don’t know if for other people they’re taking over but for me the LED board is it,” she said.
“I have one at home that I use to help my daughter to write. She loves writing on it and anything that I write on it, she wants to read, it’s really amazing. Then I have one at the workplace, usually when I post things on the old notice board workers most times don’t even realize that it’s there but with this colourful LED board, they can’t miss it.”
What are LED boards? Look at a flat screen TV and it looks just like that. It uses electricity but because it is LED it uses very little energy. You control the lighting via a switch which can give you a background colour of your choice, or you can make the colour interchangeable.
You write on your information with specially designed markers which come in a wide assortment of colours. Writing can be rubbed off quite easily once it has dried. Yes, you will get markers with a purchase of a board, which are quite affordable.
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